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Choose a subject to display a table containing the equivalencies between old courses and new courses.
You can view the equivalencies by old subject or by new subject.

You can also download the entire list of equivalencies in CSV form by clicking here.

Old subject: OR New subject:

New CourseNew Course TitleOld CourseOld Course Title
DST-104Intro to Diesel EnginesDIES-104Intro to Diesel Engines
DST-114Intro to Diesel Engines LabDIES-114Intro to Diesel Engines LAB
DST-115Intro to Diesel Fuel SystemsDIES-115Into to Diesel Fuel Systems
DST-204Intro to Hydraulics PneumaticsDIES-204Intro to Hydraulics & Pneumati
DST-214Intro to Hydr Pneumatics LabDIES-214Intro to Hydr. & Pneumatics LA
DST-216Heavy Duty Power TrainsDIES-216Heavy Duty Power Trains
DST-219Heavy Duty ChassisDIES-219Heavy Duty Chassis
DST-264Diesel Engine Diagnosis RepairDIES-262Diesel Engine Diagnosis & Repa
DST-273Diesel Shop PracticesDIES-273Diesel Shop Practices
DST-274Diag Diesel Engine Repair LabDIES-272Diagnosis of Diesel Engine Rep
DST-314Hydraulics and Pneumatics IIDIES-314Hydraulics & Pneumatics II
DST-420Diesel Shop ManagementDIES-420Diesel Shop Management
DST-434Current Model Year TechnologyDIES-434Current Model Year Technology
DST-440Advanced Fuel SystemsDIES-440Advanced Fuel Systems
DST-450Diag Pwr Shifts and HD AtmticsDIES-450Diagnosis of Power Shifts & He
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Release: 8.7.2