Frequently Asked Questions

Incorrect Class Information


Q: How do I get my PIN if I can't remember what it is?
A: Call the Registrar's office at (406) 994-6650 or go to their office in Montana Hall with a photo id.
Q:  What is the User ID?
A:  It is either your social security number or your generated ID.
Q:  What is a generated ID?
A: A generated ID is automatically assigned to you in our administrative system.  It is a 9 character field starting with a - followed by 8 numbers.  Ex.  -00001234.  You MUST include the dash when using the number on the web.
Q: I get the message Your Web access has been disabled.  Please contact the Registrar's Office for information about your account.  What does that mean?
A: This message means that someone tried to log on to your account with the wrong PIN 10 times.  The web will automatically disable your account at this time as a security measure.  You need to contact the Registrar's office to get it re-enabled.
Q: I'm trying to log on to the web and nothing is happening.  It's pretty late at night, does that have anything to do with my problem?
A:   My info is available 24/7. For problems late at night phone the System Status line 994-1777.


Q: I have a question about classes or transcripts, whom should I contact?
A: You can contact the Registrar at (406)994-6650.
Unofficial transcripts are available by logging into the Secure area under "My Info" Logon to the Secure Area, (enter your User ID and PIN), click on Login, click on Student Services, click on Student Records, click on Academic Transcript to see your transcript.
Q:  Can I order my transcript on the web?
A: Web site to order official transcripts using a credit card payment:

Incorrect Class Information

Q: The information listed is incorrect, what do I need to do to correct it?
A: You can contact the Registrar at (406) 994-6650.


Q: Are grades posted yet and where are they?
A: Grades are available under My Info at the end of each semester.

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